Our Estates

Bringing Coffee to you from Nature’s Best !
Ramagiri & Krishnagiri Estates, Chikmagalur.

The Baba Budan Giri range of hills are home to the Coffee Cultivation of India. Located in the Western Ghats (Karnataka), these ranges are maintained for coffee cultivation and processing.

Our estates, the Ramagiri and Krishnagiri Estates are located on the Giri Side in the hill ranges of Chikmagalur. Our estates cultivate 100% Arabica Coffee. Our estate is fully equipped with Efficient Water Management Sytems, Imported Pulpers and Drying Yards. We have an in house team headed by the Estates Manager to keep a close watch on the cultivation and processing of coffee.

Coffee Nursery:

Coffee Saplings are grown at our in house nurseries and then replanted into the estate to grow into coffee fruit bearing plants. The nurseries are well constructed with ample ventilation and diffused sunlight which helps the saplings to grow. Our nurseries only grow Arabica plants and are of different breeds such as Kent, etc.

Pulper & Washer:

Ramagiri and Krishnagiri estates have an in house pulping machine. Pulping is a process wherin the fruit and mucilage that covers the coffee bean is removed. The outer fruit layer (Red in colour) and inner mucilage is separated without using much water to ensure that the fruit part of the coffee is removed. This results in cleaner and brighter flavours in the cup. We have installed imported pulpers and washers from Penagos – A Columbian Brand which has helped us reduce our water consumption and has improved the quality of pulping and washing.

Drying Yards:

Once the coffee is pulped / dried naturally, they are placed in the drying yards. This helps in drying the Parchment / Natural Coffee (Cherry) hence reducing its moisture content. The best way to dry coffee is the natural way. The coffee is shuffled from time to time to ensure that the drying process is uniform.

Washed Coffee:

The pulping machine is used to remove the fruit layer of the coffee fruit and the mucilage present within which results in 'washed' coffee. This 'washed coffee' (Parchment/Plantation Coffee) is then sun dried to reduce the moisture before being sold. Washed coffee gives a clean aroma and taste in the cup once roasted, ground and brewed.

Natural Coffee:

Coffee which is processed from the crop which is dried along with the fruit and pulp is called Natural Coffee (Cherry). This coffee when roasted, ground and brewed has a fruity/winey aroma and a strong taste.

Awards & Accolades:

We are happy to share that our Ramagiri Estate has been awarded by the Coffee Board as the “Best among the Arabica - Baba Budangiri Region” during the “Flavour of India - The Fine Cup Awards 2012".

We are also happy to share that our Krishnagiri Estate has been awarded by the Coffee Board as the “Second Best among the Arabica - Baba Budangiri Region” during the “Flavour of India - The Fine Cup Award 2011".